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Capturing the essence of the most beautiful harbour city in the world, a metropolis that radiates a sense of understated style and a complete expression for the best that life has to offer, this is the challenge accepted, accomplished and encapsulated in Arc by Crown Group.

From the brickwork, two glass steel towers soar high into the Sydney sky. Step inside and you’ll be welcomed by an ever-changing vista of panoramic views across Sydney’s far horizon.

“We are incredibly excited to release our Signature Collection to complete the journey that has been Arc by Crown Group. This jewel in the crown of the Sydney CBD embodies all that Crown Group stands for and with that, this architectural masterpiece will not only change the face of the Sydney but will set the benchmark for inner city luxury living. We invite you to come and experience the sophistication, grandeur and architectural beauty of Arc by Crown Group.”


161 Clarence St,

Sydney NSW 2000