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A1 Hurstville

Exclusive ground-floor shopping, high-end culinary experiences, exquisite private balconies, an abundantly lavish shared rooftop garden, and over 120 impeccably chic apartments of varying sizes, A1 Hurstville represents the epitome of innovative architecture, elegant interiors & serene leisure spaces, all in one extraordinary place.


Comprising 51 residences, Adora harnesses north-facing views that impart a captivating city skyline. Presenting an enviable lifestyle in the heart of Hurstville, Adora integrates perfectly with modern architecture crafted for urban living.


Grand H

In Hurstville’s coveted centre stands GrandH, a new residential showpiece designed for your convenience.Surrounded by key amenities, you’ll have easy access to schools, hospitals and entertainment. For balmy evenings and weekends, the sunny shores of Brighton-le-Sands are just a stone’s throw away.